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cutheme dev build

Welcome to Web Services development environment for our new WordPress service offering, cutheme. Throughout these pages you will find examples of all the things possible with cutheme, and likely a few bugs along the way. But that’s ok, this is a dev environment after all, we’ll follow up soon with how you can submit bug reports to us. We’re just excited to finally take the wrapper of cutheme, the best WordPress setup we’ve ever done!

What began as a project to renew the departmental websites at Carleton has grown into a robust and centralized Content Management System that powers more than 600 websites on By separating content from presentation, cutheme offers visitors consistent navigation while providing website maintainers with an easy to use web-interface.

Features of cutheme

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All cutheme sites meet Level AA compliance as outlined in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

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Drag & Drop Editing

Build your content using a highly improved visual editor. Think of this like playing with legos on the job.

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Easy Form Building

Drag and drop form building has evolved not only with improved visuals but column building with form fields.

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Fresh Coat of Paint

cutheme was designed from the ground up by integrating Raven Design system with Gutenberg.

Websites by the Numbers

Sites Supported

Over 700

Content Creator

Over 1,200

Using WordPress

Over 15 years

The WordPress Advantage

The cutheme service itself integrates various software solutions. However, the bulk of our clients’ time, will be spent working within WordPress. WordPress is an easy-to-use, open-source publishing platform that has grown to be one of the largest self-hosted publishing tools in the world. The WordPress platform benefits immensely from its open-source community’s development and support. There are numerous advantages to using an open-source product like WordPress for both Carleton CMS clients and the broader web at Carleton.

Publishing Speed
Editing and publishing content in WordPress is fast. Web content managers at Carleton will save a huge amount of time as compared to other methods of online publishing.

Despite its ease of use, WordPress is on the cutting edge of web development and offers a wide array of key features and modern solutions to web publishing needs.

WordPress is an online tool that complies with the standards of the W3C. A modern web browser is all that is required to work with the tool. No additional browser plugins, such as Java or Flash, are required.

Open-source software is sometimes referred to as free software which actually refers to freedom and not price. However, using WordPress means no licensing costs and does save money.

Ease of use
Editing and publishing web pages using WordPress is simple and straightforward. These days there are a lot of great open-source content management systems available. WordPress started as a blogging platform, and as part of that, over time has kept publishing simple.

WordPress was designed so that users and developers can easily expand or add to its capabilities. This allows Carleton to tailor the platform to meet the needs of the University and at the same time leverage the vast open-source community constantly adding functionality to the platform.