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Refund policy

There are no refunds permitted for field courses unless approved by the Instructor of the course. No refunds will be permitted after the end of the fall term in the year when the field course was completed.

Refunds may only be requested by e-mail to the course Instructor. All refund requests must be made by the attendee or credit card holder.

Refund requests must include the name of the credit card holder, attendee/customer and transaction number. Refunds will be credited back to the original credit card used for payment.

Carleton University reserves the right to cancel events. If Carleton University cancels an event or service for any reason we will process refunds for these within 28 days. Please do not include your credit card number in any refund requests. Carleton University is not responsible for the timeframe within which the payment card issuing bank refunds the money to your card.

Refunds requested due to a change in event programming are at the discretion of the University.