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Payment page options

Option 1

Two pages – different titles and URLs – different forms:

Housing in Canada Today: How Did We Get Here? Where to from Here?

The History of Cats

Advantages: Page name is more meaningful to you and indicates what the content is without having to look at the sub-heading at the top of the page.

Disadvantages: Much more work for you – you have to create a new page for each and every event you stage from now on, you have to change the name and the URL or duplicated the page and change everything in the page – title, product name, etc.

Option 2

Two pages with the same title – different URLs – different forms:

Page 1

Page 2

Advantages: One generic page that you just have to duplicate and change the form id (that is to say, one number) which will automatically change the sub-heading in the page which indicates which specific Lecture Series this is for.

Disadvantage: Page name itself is generic.